Best Mobile Holders for your Car

Driving your car but pissed off with continuous falling of phone whenever you apply to break? Don’t worry, always remember that in this whole universe there’s no single lock without it’s key. Yes, in the same way, there’s no problem without the solution. In this case, a good car holder is key to your problem. A car holder is a device which holds the mobile phone in its holder to protect it from falling down while driving. Read the below-mentioned facts to know more and more about mobile phone holder for car. Have a look!!

What is a Mobile Holder?

A mobile holder Is a device which holds your mobile phone anywhere without causing any damage to the phone. Technology is improving day by day and coming up with some great invention to ease our daily life. It is very clear that the mobile phone has become a very valuable part of our life. The day sthe screen of the phone gets a scratch or a crack, that day proves to be an upset day for the owner.

To avoid scratches on the phone, the mobile holder has been invented to protect the phone and smoothing the daily life of the phone’s owner.

Importance of Mobile Phone Holder

There’s nothing worthless in this world. Everything has its own uniqueness. The extraordinary value of every object makes it valuable. Listed below are some importance of mobile holder. Look at it:-

It protects the phone from falling down.

It prevents the phone from scratches and cracks.

It can be placed anywhere in the home or car.

It is portable, that is, it can be taken from one place to another with ease.

It can be reused. You don’t need to buy a new mobile holder every time.

It can be installed near the charging point for safe charging and above the reach of small children while charging to avoid electric shock.

The mobile holder is the safest device where the phone can be safe.

In automobiles like Car, the mobile holder can be placed in the front near the steering wheel for seeing the location properly.

It is unbreakable. It does not break easily. Mobile holders are highly durable.

In the car, whenever the driver applies the brake mobile phone kept on the seat can fall down. To avoid this, mobile phone holders are installed.

Different Types of Material used in Mobile Phone holders

Here are some different types of mobile cases. Give it a read so that you can understand it being a good and viable option for you.

Plastic:- Polycarbonate plastics are used in making cell phone case. It is very strong and has multiple numbers of applications. Some cell phone plastic cases are also made up of polypropelene. These plastics are easy to mould and can be reshaped.

Rubber:- Mobile holders made up of rubber is soft and equally provides the same protection to the phone. There are usually two types of rubber. One is natural and the other is synthetic. The former is extracted from the sap of the rubber tree whereas the later is made up of petroleum. However, it is very tough to distinguish between both types of rubbers.

Metal:- Metallic cases have a shiny look which attracts the buyer. Metal cases are highly durable. It is very costly. If a person wishes for a good thing with a with the look then they should go for this case.

Carbon Fibre:- It is a new invention. This fibre is very strong but lightweight. It is lighter than steel. It has a very good look. It is not very costly as compared with other types of cell phone holders.


Mobile holders are not that costly. It depends on the buyer and the choice he prefers. The cost depends on the type of material used in the making of the holder. However, the plastic mobile holder costs low as compared with the metallic cell phone holders. Cost also depends on the various types of functions and facilities provided in the particular cell phone holder. The holder which has an adjustment facility installed in it is more costly as compared with the simple holder with no adjustment facility.

Hence, the cost depends on the choice of the consumer.

Installation Place

Mobile holders can be placed on the windscreen or on the mirror above the windscreen. On the places, the driver can easily see the location or keep it safely to avoid breakage. It also makes convenient for the driver to check the incoming calls on the phone. In other words, for the driver, it is easy to do all the activities on the phone without damage to the cellphone.

Hence, it is clear that science has made the life of a human very easy. Each and every invention and discovery by science and technology is commendable. There’s no problem which cannot be solved with the help of technology. Each and every discovery has its own value. Here, a simple mobile holder has so many advantages which are mentioned above. Be careful and always check the material of the car mobile holder before buying it. Do not fall for false marketing. And also life-saving advice is you should never talk on the phone while driving. It can put your life at the risk. Don’t operate your phone while driving. Even if you receive a very urgent call then stop the car and then initiate the talk.…

Best Fitness Band To Buy Under 2000 INR In India

black Xiaomi Mi fitness tracker

As more and more people have started becoming health-conscious, the market for fitness accessories has been growing rapidly. Many companies implemented excellent business tactics and cashed in on this trend by introducing advance-featured fitness bands at a minimum price.

Here’s a list of some of the best fitness bands under 2000INR.


Mi Smart Band 3i Black

Xiaomi cashed in on this trend very effectively by being one of the first companies to introduce fitness trackers. Their latest offering, the MI BAND 3 tops this list with its amazing features at just 1799INR.

It has an elegant appearance with subtle curves and classy angles. Xiaomi adds to customer satisfaction by providing a comfortable lightweight strap that comes in many different colours.

It has highly accurate sensors for measuring heart rate and metabolism which makes it a favourite amongst workout enthusiasts. The associated Mi app also provides detailed workout insights that improve overall performance.

Mi Band 3 is water-resistant and has an IP67 certification that enables you to use it in any weather condition. It also displays current weather and future forecast.

It turns on with a wrist flick so you don’t need a password to unlock it every time. It is integrated with your smartphone in a way that allows you to use it as a password replacement.

However, the best part about MI BAND 3 is its 110mAh Li-ion battery that enables you to use it for 20 days on a single charge.

Overall, this is a great buy with a 78-inch OLED display that can be read in sunlight without any hassle.

Riversong Wave O2

Image result for Riversong Wave O2"

Riversong Wave 02 provides high-quality features at a very low price which makes it one of the best fitness bands in the market.

One of its highlights is the 0.96-inch TFT LCD with a colourful screen and changeable interface.

The speciality of this band is the hematomanometer to measure blood pressure and an Sp02 Sensor to measure oxygen levels. Almost no other fitness tracker offers this function which makes Riversong Wave 02 extremely lucrative.

It has a 90mAh Li-ion battery that powers it for five days. Considering its colourful display and highly active sensors, this is a good deal. The best part being, it comes with an inbuilt USB port for charging which means no external hassles.

Overall, the Riversong Wave O2 is an excellent, cost-effective option.

Lenovo HX03F Spectra

Image result for lenovo hx03f spectra"

The Lenovo spectra offers a charming design with TFT LCD colour display with a resolution of 160 x 80 pixels.

What sets it apart from other fitness bands is its staying awake feature that alerts you in set intervals by a series of pulsed vibrations to prevent you from falling asleep. This is really useful while driving as the band will keep alerting you to pay attention to your surroundings.

It has a Lithium Polymer battery that lasts for 5 days. It has direct USB charging and can be charged anywhere without cables or adaptors. It has a good build quality and highly accurate sensors. It also has IP68 certification hence is water-resistant and can be used in any weather.

The only downside is its display being highly reflective is not much helpful in direct sunlight. But overall, the Lenovo HX03F Spectra offers some pretty good features at a good cost.

Sonata Rush Smartband

Sonata SF Rush Smart Band

Changing society calls for changing needs. From Sonata Watches, we have come to Sonata fitness bands. Sonata has left no stone unturned in ensuring high-quality products at an affordable price as evident in this Sonata Rush Smartband.

It has a swappable, removable TPU band with a rubber texture and elegant design. Its clip mechanism gives you the ideal fit without causing any skin irritation.

Priced at just 1000INR, most of its features work well and give good value for money. The step, sleep and workout tracker offer detailed insights on an easy-to-access app.

It has a 0.8-inch OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 80 pixels. It can be effectively used in sunlight and the functions are quite easy to navigate.

One unique feature of this band is its dust resistance which makes it a good travel companion. It also has a good battery that lasts 7 days and the charging process is comparatively simpler.

Overall, the Sonata Rush Smartband is extremely affordable, comes with great features and is very useful for travellers.

Honor band 3

Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker (Blue) (Packing Damage) |

Huawei has done an incredible job with their Honor band 3. It has a huge wow factor with its elegant design, excellent quality and highly accurate sensors.

The highlight of this is definitely its 0.8-inch PMOLED display with sharp non-reflective icons. It has a classy black background with only the active icons lighting up that gives it a sharp contrast.

The heart rate monitor is accurate and comes with a function to switch it on or off which is not generally found in other devices. Even better is its advanced sleep tracker that monitors and classifies your sleep cycle to give in-depth insights.

What comes in handy is its ability to be synced with the smartphone to use Email, WhatsApp, check notifications or reject calls. Keeping all these functions in mind, its 14-day battery life sounds rather amazing.

Overall, the Honor band 3 is 100% cost efffective for someone looking for great features with a long battery life.


Which fitness band is right for you depends on what you’re looking for. Exercise enthusiasts may prefer one with in-depth workout analysis while travellers may love something dust resistant with long battery life like the Sonata Rush Smartband.…