Pro Kabaddi League – Everything you need to know!

For decades Cricket stole the hearts of viewers, but now the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is on revolution. It is one of the leagues in India that has shown exponential growth. It is the most popular non-cricket property in India. So, how did it all start? How has the Pro Kabaddi league has uplifted in India?

The Pro Kabaddi League is now known as Vivo Pro Kabaddi League due to sponsorship reasons. It is a professional-level Kabaddi league in India, launched in 2014 with broadcasting on Star Sports network. It gets played in the Double-robin league and playoffs tournament format.

Initially, there were doubts in the atmosphere as to if it would be a success or not? Will this league be able to make profits or not? But in a few days, this league was able to attract viewers from rural areas and metropolitan cities both. Four hundred thirty-five million viewers saw the inaugural season of the Pro Kabaddi League.

In comparison, its second season was able to fetch five hundred fifty-two million viewers. As the number of leagues passed, the number of viewers increased exponentially with time. Pro Kabaddi League rules are similar to that of the indoor version of Kabaddi, but there are some additional rules to ensure more scoring in the game.

How many numbers of teams are there in the league?

There are a total of twelve franchises and teams in which the players are from India and in several parts of the world like Sri Lanka, Japan, Iran, Oman, Taiwan, etc.

The different teams of PKL are-

Bengal Warriors – Kolkata

Owner – Future Group

Coach – Raj Narain Sharm

Gujrat Fortune Giants – Gujrat

Owner – Gautam Adani

Captain – Sunil Kumar

Haryana Steelers – Haryana

Owner – Parth Jindal

Captain – Dharmaraj Cheralathan

Tamil Thalaivis – Tamil Nadu

Owner – Nimmagadda Prasad, Sachin Tendulkar, Allu Arjun, Ram Charan, Allu Arvind

Coach – Ajay Thakur and Manjeet Chhillar

UP Yodha – Uttar Pradesh

Owner -Kiran Kumar Grandhi

Coach – Nitesh Kumar

Bengaluru Bulls – Bengaluru

Owner – Kosmik Global Media

Coach – Randhir Singh

Dabang Delhi – Delhi

Owner – Do It Sports Management

Coach – Arjun Singh

Pink Panthers – Jaipur

Owner – Abhishek Bachchan

Coach – Kasinathan Bhaskaran

Puneri Paltan – Pune

Owner – Insurekot Sports

Coach – Ramphal Kaushik

Patna Pirates – Patna

Owner – Rajesh Singh

Coach – RS Khokhar

Telugu Titans – Vizag

Owner – Veera Sports

Coach – J Udayakumar

U Mumba – Mumbai

Owner – Unilazer Sports

Coach – Ravi Shetty

All teams fight spirit entirely and incredibly for winning a cash price of 50 lakh INR. The winning team will get awarded Rs 25 Lakh’s cash price, while 25 lakh is for up runner sides. Other than that, the best raider, catcher, and defender will get 10 thousand in every match.

Want to know about Past Tournament Results?

Patna Pirates have won the pro kabaddi League Thrice while Pink Panthers, U Mumba, Bengaluru Bulls, and Bengal warriors have won the title once.

Season 2014 – Inaugural tournament

Pink Panthers (Winner)

U Mumba (Runner up)

Season 2015

U Mumba (Winner)

Bengaluru Bulls (Runner up)

Season 2016 – January

Patna Pirates (Winner)

U Mumba (Runner up)

Season 2016 – June

Patna Pirates (Winner)

Pink Panthers (Runner up)

Season 2017

Patna Pirates (Winner)

Gujrat Fortune Giants (Runner up)

Season 2018

Bengaluru Bulls (Winner)

Gujrat Fortune Giants (Runner up)

Season 2019

Bengal Warriors (Winner)

Dabang Delhi (Runner up)

It was the necessary information one should be aware of before watching the Pro Kabaddi League.…

Top 10 Places to visit while you are in Jaipur

Jaipur is a Fascinating city in Rajasthan, India. It gives the finest and incredible examples of architectural models and history. Any tour to Northern India must include Jaipur and here are top 10 places to visit there –

Amber Fort

It is also known as Amer Fort because it gets located in Amer that is around 11 km from Jaipur. Raja Mansingh constructed it in the year 1592 that was later expanded by Raja Mansingh I. There are four courtyards in Amer Palace; one of them has a public audience hall and is known as Diwan-i-Aam.

  • Ticket Cost – 25 INR for Indians, 200 INR for overseas tourists.
  • Opening Timings – Open all weekdays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Stay Duration – 2-hour max.

Hawa Mahal

It is an incredible presentation of productive architectural work. It is a not-to-miss tourist place in Jaipur. It was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. Hawa Mahal has 953 windows that provide proper ventilation and is named the Palace of Winds or Hawa Mahal.

  • Ticket Cost – 10 INR for Indians, 50 INR for overseas tourists.
  • Opening Timings – Open all weekdays from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Stay Duration – 1-hour max.

Nahargarh Fort

It is famous for its historical events and architect’s work. It gets built as a defensive fort on Aravali Ranges. The Fort provides mesmerizing viewpoints and hence is a popular local picnic spot.

  • Ticket Cost – 35 for Indians and 85 INR for overseas tourists.
  • Opening timing – Open all weekdays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Stay Duration – 1.5-hour max.

Jaigarh Fort

It is also known as the Fort of Victory. It was built in 1726 by Jai Singh II as a defensive fort. This Fort has a similar structural design as Amer Fort. The Fort has a Cannon named Jaivana, and that was then the world’s most massive Cannon on the wheels.

  • Ticket cost – 50 INR for Indians and 200 INR for overseas tourists.
  • Opening timings – Open all weekdays from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm.
  • Stay Duration – 45 min.

Jal Mahal

It is situated in the middle of Mansagar Lake and surrounded by water from all sides. Therefore, it is named Jal Mahal. It was constructed in the 18th century by Maharaja Jai Singh II as a summer retreat, and It’s beautiful hallways and Aromatic Chameli Bagh. It is also the seasonal visiting site of different bird species so you can enjoy bird watching as well.

  • Ticket cost – 10 INR for Indians and 50 INR for overseas tourists.
  • Opening timings – Open all weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Stay Duration – 2-hour max.

Jantar Mantar Observatory

It is not like any other observatory as it is amongst the world’s largest observatories, and this astronomical observatory has the world’s largest sundial. Maharaja Jai Singh II had an interest in various fields like astronomy, architecture, and philosophy. His interest in astronomy led to the construction of the country’s largest astronomical observatory.

  • Ticket cost – 40 INR for Indians and 200 INR for overseas tourists.
  • Opening timings – Open all weekdays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.
  • Stay Duration – 1-hour max.

Panna Meena ka Kund

This incredible yellow-colored stepwell lies next to Amer Fort. As it gets located in a deserted area, locals suggest that it was made to avail water to locals for household works.

  • Ticket cost – Free of Cost
  • Opening timings – Open all weekdays from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Stay Duration – 1-hour max


It is a famous Hindu Pilgrimage center situated in hilly regions of Aravali. It is also known as Khole Ke Hanuman Ji. It gets surrounded by rugged ranges of Aravali filled with vegetation and natural springs that fill up seven sacred ‘Kunds’ or ‘water tanks.’ Some past writing suggests that Tulsidas wrote some parts of Ramcharitramanas there.

  • Ticket cost -Free of cost
  • Opening timings – Open all weekdays from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Stay Duration – No time limit as it is a religious place

Birla Temple

This Laxmi Narayan temple is a Hindu Pilgrimage center built with white marble and has beautiful architectural work. The temple’s inner walls depict the significant events associated with Hinduism, and outer walls have carvings of thinkers, philosophers, and religious leaders.

  • Ticket cost -Free of cost
  • Opening timings – Open all weekdays from 5:00 am to 11:30 am and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Stay Duration – No time limit as it is a religious place

City Palace of Jaipur

City Palace is famous for its history and architecture’s work. Sawai Jai Singh II constructed it between 1792 and 1732. The palace comprises Chandra Mahal (that later converted to a museum) and the Mubarak Mahal.

  • Ticket Cost – The palace view can cost you 200 INR if you are an Indian, 100 INR for students (do not forget to carry your student ID), and 700 INR for overseas tourists. If you want to embrace the museum as well, then you have to pay additional charges.
  • Opening timing – Open every day from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm for night viewing.
  • Stay Duration – 2-hour max.

Top 10 Small Kitchen Appliances for the Kitchen

Appliances can make your life easier and can help to save time and energy every day.

Here are the top 10 must-have Appliances for your kitchen –

Coffee Maker –

As its name suggests, it gets used for making coffee. It contains a particular amount of coffee and encloses an internal filter paper for perfect brewing results. This product is available at different rates with different features in market places. It helps to deliver perfectly brewed coffee rapidly and hence saves time.

Toaster –

It is a small electric appliance which exposes bread pieces to heat to give them brown color and crispy taste. These are of different types like the pop-up toaster, grill toaster, Sandwich maker, etc. As like any other product toasters too are available at different prices in market places.

Blender –

It is an essential appliance for those who prepare juices and sauces frequently at their homes. It is an electric appliance used to mix different substances. It gets usually used in kitchens for making puree, sauce, and juice.

Food processor –

Chopping consumes a lot of time in the kitchen. But if you want to save time, then the food processor is a product made for you as it can chop vegetables, fruits, and other food items in a short amount of time. This product comes with a variety of blade attachments so that you can select one according to your needs.

Mixer –

Stirring bread dough and cake batter is a time-consuming task. But there is no need to worry as the mixer is here to help you out. It can easily mix wet and dry items that usually take ages to get mixed well.

Electric Grill –

Electric grills are small, easy to use, smoke-free, and easy to clean products. As its name suggests, it gets used to grill food items and the food cooked using Electric grills is a lot healthier than food fried on pans.

Slow Cooker –

These are helpful for busy people as you can prepare a meal before you leave for work and have it done by the time you return. It is also known as a crock-pot and is an electronic device used to simmer at a lower temperature due to which it takes a long time to prepare food and get named as a Slow cooker.

Microwave –

It is the most beloved small kitchen appliance. It can enhance your overall kitchen experience by doing your tasks at a faster rate. Microwaves heat food in less than half the usual time and are easy to operate. If they get made of good quality, then they last for years and hence are highly durable.

Fryer –

Frying is a difficult task like putting a lot of oil in the container, putting oil in wait, waiting for it to heat up, then waiting for the item to get a perfect brown color. This task is not only time consuming but is unhealthy as well. But a fryer can help you to prepare healthy and deep-fried dishes like french fries, chicken fingers, etc.

Rice Cooker –

Cooking perfect rice is not an easy task as sometimes they are overcooked, and other times they are half cooked. But is there any way to cook them perfectly? The answer to this is yes. A rice cooker can help you to prepare perfect rice every time and that too, with a push of a single button.

These were the best small kitchen appliances which you should have in your kitchen. All these products are available at different prices and different unique features. Therefore, you can select the perfect match for your home and make your daily tasks easy.…


Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a destination-based indirect tax, which has based on goods and services. Good and Services Tax include many Central and State taxes, such as VAT, excise duty, and service tax. The GST Act has been in the act from 1 July 2017. It has is based on comprehensive, multi-stage, destination-based Tax. It is a domestic indirect tax law for the entire country.

There are two types of central GST and State GST, which everyone has to pay for every good you buy anywhere in India. For example, if someone buys a good in Rajasthan, but the product has manufactured in Maharastra. The Tax will directly go to the Rajasthan government instead of the Maharashtrian government.

The Journey of GST in India

  • The goods and services tax came to India in mid-2000. Goods and services tax refurbished itself till 2017 and emerged to act.
  • The global services tax started resolving in 2010 prime minister set up a committee to start and draught the GST law.
  • In 2004 a task force was inspired against the GST that it should get used in India for their current tax structure.
  • In 2006 finance minister was approved, and then he proposed the GST introduction from 1 April.
  • In 2007 GST was improvised and was reduced from 4% to 3%.
  • In 2008 the committee ensured a proper structure for GST and distributed it to legislation.
  • In 2010 a project was computerized, and the GST structure postponed.
  • In 2011 the Constitution amendment Bill improved the GST.
  • In 2012 the committee began and discussed on GST and stalled over the clause of 2798.
  • In 2013 standing committee reports the GST to the higher authorities.
  • In 2014 the bill was taken to parliament house and was introduced to the finance minister.
  • In 2015 the GST bill fast in Lok Sabha, but Rajya Sabha did not pass it.
  • In 2016 GST came to act.
  • In 2016 the new model was launched and was passed by both the houses. President of India also gives a clean chit to GST.
  • In 2017 four supplements were divide from GST and were approved by the cabinet.
  • The final implementations were done on 1 July 2017, by Rajya Sabha.
  • GST was launched on 1 July 2017 and came to act from them.

Advantages Of GST

  • GST advantage to many and has many purposes behind it. The goods and services tax has also mentioned removing the cascading effect of Tax, which was on higher and lower classes.
  • The higher threshold of GST registration made it clear and very advantageous to every people.
  • It also has a composition scheme for every small business to a large one, which is beneficial to people who are thinking of setting up a small business but are worried about taxes don’t have to pay that much due to their composition scheme. GST also facilitates online services, which means you can go online portal facility for every kind of services related to goods and services tax. It has very lesser compliances under the GST act against the normal one.
  • GST is easier to understand to the public and the less educated public as well. It also comes with special e-commerce services and activities, advantages for the development of the Indian social market. They also increased efficiency and logistics, which means the Indian functions will work fast and more accurate. It also has a statement under regulating the untouched sectors. The development will boost up through GST.

The components of GST

  • There are three taxes applicable under this system: CGST, SGST & IGST. The CGST is a tax collected by the Central government on interest rate sales, for example, a transition happening within Maharashtra.
  • Gst also helped every class of this society and helped us in every aspect. It removed the cascading effect of taxes in many ways.


  • There are many disadvantages of GST as well, such as GST has increased cost of software purchase, and others as well, which affect the businessmen.
  • GST has impacted transaction fee and insurance fee as well, which is a burden for some people.
  • GST also short-term the trend of the leading estate prices, but they increase the estate costs from 8% to 12%. Petrol pumps are not under global service tax, which is against the idea of unification and ideal of unification of communities as well.

16th IIFA Awards Nominees and Winners

International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) is a set of Awards presented annually by the International Indian Film Academy to honor artistic and technical excellence in Bollywood. 16th IIFA Award held from 5 June 2015 to 7 June 2015 at Putra Indoor Stadium Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Here are Nominees and Winners from all categories –

Best Performer in Negative Role

  • Kay Kay Menon for Haider – Winner
  • Riteish Deshmukh for Ek Villain – Nominee
  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui for Kick – Nominee

Best Actress

  • Kangana Ranaut for Queen – Winner
  • Anushka Sharma for PK – Nominee
  • Priyanka Chopra for Mary Kom – Nominee
  • Rani Mukherji for Mardaani – Nominee
  • Deepika Padukone for Happy New Year – Nominee
  • Alia Bhatt for 2 States – Nominee

Best Debut – Male

  • Tiger Shroff for Herpanti – Winner

Best Actor

  • Shahid Kapoor for Haider – Winner
  • Sharukh Khan for Happy New Year – Nominee
  • Arjun Kapoor for 2 States – Nominee
  • Randeep Hooda for Highway – Nominee
  • Aamir Khan for PK – Nominee
  • Hrithik Roshan for Bang Bang – Nominee

Best Director

  • Rajkumar Hirani for PK – Winner
  • Imtiaz Ali Highway – Nominee
  • Abhishek Verman 2 States – Nominee
  • Vishal Bhardwaj for Haider – Nominee
  • Vikas Bahl for Queen – Nominee

Best Supporting Actress

  • Tabu for Haider – Winner
  • Lisa Haydon for Queen – Nominee
  • Juhi Chawla for Gulaab Gang – Nominee
  • Huma Qureshi for Dedh Ishqiya – Nominee
  • Amrita Singh for 2 States – Nominee

Best Playback Singer – Male

  • Ankit Tiwari for Galliyan – Winner
  • Sukhwinder Singh for Bismil – Nominee
  • Arijit Singh for Muskurane – Nominee
  • Mika Singh for Jumme ki Raat – Nominee

Best Playback Singer – Female

  • Kanika Kapoor for Baby Doll – Winner
  • Shreya Ghoshal for Samjhawan – Nominee
  • Nooran Sisters for Patakha Guddi – Nominee

Best storyline

  • Queen by Vikas Bahl, Chaitally Parmar, and Parveez Shaikh – Winner
  • PK by Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi – Nominee
  • 2 States by Chetan Bhagat – Nominee

Best Music Director

  • Ehsaan Noorani for 2 States – Winner
  • Shankar Mahadevan for 2 States – Nominee
  • Loy Mendosa for 2 States – Nominee
  • Arko Parvo Mukherjee for Yaariyan – Nominee
  • Mithoon for Yaariyan – Nominee
  • Mithoon for Ek Villain – Nominee
  • Pritam Chakraborty for Yaariyan – Nominee
  • Yo-Yo Honey Singh for Yaariyan – Nominee
  • Ankit Tiwari for Ek Villain – Nominee
  • Vishal Bhardwaj for Haider – Nominee
  • Adnan Dhool for Ek Villain – Nominee
  • Rabbi Ahmed for Ek Villain – Nominee

Best Supporting Actor

  • Riteish Deshmukh for Ek Villain – Winner
  • Ronit Roy for 2 States – Nominee
  • Inaamulhaq for Filmistaan – Nominee
  • Randeep Hooda for Kick – Nominee
  • Kay Kay Menon for Haider – Nominee
  • Naseeruddin Shah for Finding Fanny – Nominee

Best Debut – Female

  • Kriti Sanon – Winner

Best Lyricist

  • Manoj Muntashir for Galliyan – Winner
  • Rashmi Singh for Muskurane – Nominee
  • Amitabh Bhattacharya for Mast Magan – Nominee

Best Action Movie

  • Bang Bang by Andy Armstrong and Parvez Shaikh – Winner

Best Performance in Comic Role

  • Varun Dhawan in Main Tera Hero – Winner
  • Sanjay Dutt in PK – Nominee
  • Sharib Hashmi in Filmistaan – Nominee
  • Govinda in Happy Ending – Nominee

Best Costume Design

  • Dolly Ahluwalia for Haider – Winner

Best Cinematography

  • Binod Pradhan for 2 States – winner

Best Movie

  • Queen by Phantom Films – Winner
  • Highway by Sajid Nadiadwala and Imtiaz Ali – Nominee
  • Mary Kom by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Viacom18 Motion Picture – Nominee
  • PK by Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar Hirani – Nominee
  • Queen by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane – Nominee
  • Haider by UTV Motion Pictures and VB Pictures – Nominee
  • 2 States by Karan Johar and Sajid Nadiadwala – Nominee

Best Choreography

  • Ahmed Khan for Kick – Winner

Best Special Effects

  • Reupal D. Rawal for Kick – Winner
  • Prime Focus Ltd. for Kick – Nominee

Most Nominations

  • Haider (14 Nominations)
  • 2 States (10 Nominations)
  • PK and Queen (7 Nominations)

Most Wins

  • Haider (9 Wins)
  • Queen (5 Wins)
  • Ek Villain (4 Wins)

Best Charging Fan in India

Charging fans can also be a handy investment for you if you regular flyers or want a standby system to cope with difficult summers and unplanned power cuts. Such lightweight and versatile machines can be extremely advantageous for various purposes.

When, in particular during the summer months, you are fed up with long power cuts and are finding ways to address this problem, you can invest in a lightweight, airflow-free, efficient ventilator to run without much maintenance for years.

Benefits of having a Rechargeable fan

As stated, you have a rechargeable fan for yourself with numerous advantages. If you want to learn the most important, though, the main benefits of a loadable fan are here.

  • Easy to use. Simple to use. Remove and maintain it as a replacement fan in emergencies.
  • Small design. Compact form. Easy to take on the road.
  • Great money interest.
  • Fantastic achievement.
  • It will be amazing for your comfort, making sure that you have a ton of benefit which are attached with the same work.
  • It helps in the regulation and better movement.

In addition, after you buy one for yourself, there are several other benefits from investing in a refillable fan.

Mr. Right 3 Blade Oscillating AC-DC Rechargeable Plastic Table Fan

Image result for 1. Mr. Right 3 Blade Oscillating AC-DC Rechargeable Plastic Table Fan

The Mr. Right 3 Blade Rechargeable Fan is the perfect choice for you if you are searching for a fan that can be powered in both the AC and DC modes and has enough protection on the big power cuts. There are a lot of unique things about the fan besides a genius power back-up.

Geek Aire, 12 inch Rechargeable Outdoor Table Fan

Image result for 2. Geek Aire, 12 inch Rechargeable Outdoor Table Fan

The Geek Aire rechargeable fan is another brilliant choice for consumers who want a powerful, effective fan. This device is for those who want to have good ventilation and who are searching for a fan, which can be used outside without major problems, as opposed to other rechargeable on the Indian market.

Kingshan Rechargeable Table Fan with USB Charger and LED Light

Image result for 3. Kingshan Rechargeable Table Fan with USB Charger and LED Light

If you are hunting for a typical table fan, this Kingshan fan is the ideal shopping for you. This rechargeable fan has unique features, such as battery markers, USB port and others, apart from the traditional look of the fan.

Geek Aire, 6 Inch Rechargeable Oscillating Table Fan

Image result for 4. Geek Aire, 6 Inch Rechargeable Oscillating Table Fan

The Geek Aire New Model Powerful recharged fan is a great shopping for you if you are searching for a light weight, easy to carry fan that can be used in the warm summer nights. In addition to being extremely practical and compact, the fan can provide a decent airflow, so that the warm summers can depend fully on it.

Orbit Gazebo 3 Blade Rechargeable Table Fan

Image result for 5. Orbit Gazebo 3 Blade Rechargeable Table Fan

If you are searching for a lightweight and easy-to-carry rechargeable fan, the Orbit Gazebo is a fan you need to look at for the best results once. The fan is also a great value for money not only one of the compact and efficient charging fans available on the Indian market.

Impex BREEZE-D1 Solar Rechargeable Fan

Image result for 6. Impex BREEZE-D1 Solar Rechargeable Fan

Another genius device from Impex company, BREEZE-D 1 is solar refillable fan. The fan can provide powerful ventilation with double speed and LED light, which is lightweight and stunning.

Impex BREEZE-D4 Solar Rechargeable Fan

Image result for 7. Impex BREEZE-D4 Solar Rechargeable Fan

This rechargeable ventilator comes with USB charging port and LED light and high quality acrylic ABS. There’s another great device from IMPEX.

The breeze D4 fan offers you a vivid and transparent light that you need to remember before the best results can be achieved. The fan is lightweight and sleek with a brushless pump, which keeps your home comfortable.

Akari Ak-8012 12″ Rechargeable Ac/Dc Table Fan

Image result for 8. Akari Ak-8012 12″ Rechargeable Ac/Dc Table Fan

Akari Rechargeable Fan is the next on our list, and the benefit of this fan is its solar charge capability. The product contains 4 measurements, each of which is 8, 10, 12 and 16 inches. The DC Solar Panel can be attached to the fan and it starts to work. It can also operate in dual power mode and the fan is fitted with 2 speed modes. The fan runs at low power for nearly 11 hours and the battery generates 3,5 hours of back-up. It’s about 8 hours to charge.

Things to keep in mind while selecting your ideal fan

Costumer Service

The important factor when searching for a rechargeable fan is customer service. It offers you the peace of mind to get the best product care. It is recommended that you pick a pattern from a famous brand that gives its consumers good customer service. This is particularly important in the old days of your company.


First and foremost, when purchasing any electrical device, the quality must be taken into account. It allows you to narrow down the business choices. Different brands offer a different quality for their versions. Depending on the features incorporated, the fan’s price can increase.


All the most relevant metrics to consider when looking for a long-term and durable rechargeable fan are power, working cycle and charge time. In order to find the right one, you have to test these parameters and compare them among different models.

Reputation of Brand

If you purchase a rechargeable fan, you cannot disregard the prestige and identity of the production company. Branded and existing tools maintain the highest quality.


These were the top eight fans you can buy today. Choose the right one for you according to the specifications, strategy and schedule.…

Best Mobile Holders for your Car

Driving your car but pissed off with continuous falling of phone whenever you apply to break? Don’t worry, always remember that in this whole universe there’s no single lock without it’s key. Yes, in the same way, there’s no problem without the solution. In this case, a good car holder is key to your problem. A car holder is a device which holds the mobile phone in its holder to protect it from falling down while driving. Read the below-mentioned facts to know more and more about mobile phone holder for car. Have a look!!

What is a Mobile Holder?

A mobile holder Is a device which holds your mobile phone anywhere without causing any damage to the phone. Technology is improving day by day and coming up with some great invention to ease our daily life. It is very clear that the mobile phone has become a very valuable part of our life. The day sthe screen of the phone gets a scratch or a crack, that day proves to be an upset day for the owner.

To avoid scratches on the phone, the mobile holder has been invented to protect the phone and smoothing the daily life of the phone’s owner.

Importance of Mobile Phone Holder

There’s nothing worthless in this world. Everything has its own uniqueness. The extraordinary value of every object makes it valuable. Listed below are some importance of mobile holder. Look at it:-

It protects the phone from falling down.

It prevents the phone from scratches and cracks.

It can be placed anywhere in the home or car.

It is portable, that is, it can be taken from one place to another with ease.

It can be reused. You don’t need to buy a new mobile holder every time.

It can be installed near the charging point for safe charging and above the reach of small children while charging to avoid electric shock.

The mobile holder is the safest device where the phone can be safe.

In automobiles like Car, the mobile holder can be placed in the front near the steering wheel for seeing the location properly.

It is unbreakable. It does not break easily. Mobile holders are highly durable.

In the car, whenever the driver applies the brake mobile phone kept on the seat can fall down. To avoid this, mobile phone holders are installed.

Different Types of Material used in Mobile Phone holders

Here are some different types of mobile cases. Give it a read so that you can understand it being a good and viable option for you.

Plastic:- Polycarbonate plastics are used in making cell phone case. It is very strong and has multiple numbers of applications. Some cell phone plastic cases are also made up of polypropelene. These plastics are easy to mould and can be reshaped.

Rubber:- Mobile holders made up of rubber is soft and equally provides the same protection to the phone. There are usually two types of rubber. One is natural and the other is synthetic. The former is extracted from the sap of the rubber tree whereas the later is made up of petroleum. However, it is very tough to distinguish between both types of rubbers.

Metal:- Metallic cases have a shiny look which attracts the buyer. Metal cases are highly durable. It is very costly. If a person wishes for a good thing with a with the look then they should go for this case.

Carbon Fibre:- It is a new invention. This fibre is very strong but lightweight. It is lighter than steel. It has a very good look. It is not very costly as compared with other types of cell phone holders.


Mobile holders are not that costly. It depends on the buyer and the choice he prefers. The cost depends on the type of material used in the making of the holder. However, the plastic mobile holder costs low as compared with the metallic cell phone holders. Cost also depends on the various types of functions and facilities provided in the particular cell phone holder. The holder which has an adjustment facility installed in it is more costly as compared with the simple holder with no adjustment facility.

Hence, the cost depends on the choice of the consumer.

Installation Place

Mobile holders can be placed on the windscreen or on the mirror above the windscreen. On the places, the driver can easily see the location or keep it safely to avoid breakage. It also makes convenient for the driver to check the incoming calls on the phone. In other words, for the driver, it is easy to do all the activities on the phone without damage to the cellphone.

Hence, it is clear that science has made the life of a human very easy. Each and every invention and discovery by science and technology is commendable. There’s no problem which cannot be solved with the help of technology. Each and every discovery has its own value. Here, a simple mobile holder has so many advantages which are mentioned above. Be careful and always check the material of the car mobile holder before buying it. Do not fall for false marketing. And also life-saving advice is you should never talk on the phone while driving. It can put your life at the risk. Don’t operate your phone while driving. Even if you receive a very urgent call then stop the car and then initiate the talk.…

Best Fitness Band To Buy Under 2000 INR In India

black Xiaomi Mi fitness tracker

As more and more people have started becoming health-conscious, the market for fitness accessories has been growing rapidly. Many companies implemented excellent business tactics and cashed in on this trend by introducing advance-featured fitness bands at a minimum price.

Here’s a list of some of the best fitness bands under 2000INR.


Mi Smart Band 3i Black

Xiaomi cashed in on this trend very effectively by being one of the first companies to introduce fitness trackers. Their latest offering, the MI BAND 3 tops this list with its amazing features at just 1799INR.

It has an elegant appearance with subtle curves and classy angles. Xiaomi adds to customer satisfaction by providing a comfortable lightweight strap that comes in many different colours.

It has highly accurate sensors for measuring heart rate and metabolism which makes it a favourite amongst workout enthusiasts. The associated Mi app also provides detailed workout insights that improve overall performance.

Mi Band 3 is water-resistant and has an IP67 certification that enables you to use it in any weather condition. It also displays current weather and future forecast.

It turns on with a wrist flick so you don’t need a password to unlock it every time. It is integrated with your smartphone in a way that allows you to use it as a password replacement.

However, the best part about MI BAND 3 is its 110mAh Li-ion battery that enables you to use it for 20 days on a single charge.

Overall, this is a great buy with a 78-inch OLED display that can be read in sunlight without any hassle.

Riversong Wave O2

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Riversong Wave 02 provides high-quality features at a very low price which makes it one of the best fitness bands in the market.

One of its highlights is the 0.96-inch TFT LCD with a colourful screen and changeable interface.

The speciality of this band is the hematomanometer to measure blood pressure and an Sp02 Sensor to measure oxygen levels. Almost no other fitness tracker offers this function which makes Riversong Wave 02 extremely lucrative.

It has a 90mAh Li-ion battery that powers it for five days. Considering its colourful display and highly active sensors, this is a good deal. The best part being, it comes with an inbuilt USB port for charging which means no external hassles.

Overall, the Riversong Wave O2 is an excellent, cost-effective option.

Lenovo HX03F Spectra

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The Lenovo spectra offers a charming design with TFT LCD colour display with a resolution of 160 x 80 pixels.

What sets it apart from other fitness bands is its staying awake feature that alerts you in set intervals by a series of pulsed vibrations to prevent you from falling asleep. This is really useful while driving as the band will keep alerting you to pay attention to your surroundings.

It has a Lithium Polymer battery that lasts for 5 days. It has direct USB charging and can be charged anywhere without cables or adaptors. It has a good build quality and highly accurate sensors. It also has IP68 certification hence is water-resistant and can be used in any weather.

The only downside is its display being highly reflective is not much helpful in direct sunlight. But overall, the Lenovo HX03F Spectra offers some pretty good features at a good cost.

Sonata Rush Smartband

Sonata SF Rush Smart Band

Changing society calls for changing needs. From Sonata Watches, we have come to Sonata fitness bands. Sonata has left no stone unturned in ensuring high-quality products at an affordable price as evident in this Sonata Rush Smartband.

It has a swappable, removable TPU band with a rubber texture and elegant design. Its clip mechanism gives you the ideal fit without causing any skin irritation.

Priced at just 1000INR, most of its features work well and give good value for money. The step, sleep and workout tracker offer detailed insights on an easy-to-access app.

It has a 0.8-inch OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 80 pixels. It can be effectively used in sunlight and the functions are quite easy to navigate.

One unique feature of this band is its dust resistance which makes it a good travel companion. It also has a good battery that lasts 7 days and the charging process is comparatively simpler.

Overall, the Sonata Rush Smartband is extremely affordable, comes with great features and is very useful for travellers.

Honor band 3

Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker (Blue) (Packing Damage) |

Huawei has done an incredible job with their Honor band 3. It has a huge wow factor with its elegant design, excellent quality and highly accurate sensors.

The highlight of this is definitely its 0.8-inch PMOLED display with sharp non-reflective icons. It has a classy black background with only the active icons lighting up that gives it a sharp contrast.

The heart rate monitor is accurate and comes with a function to switch it on or off which is not generally found in other devices. Even better is its advanced sleep tracker that monitors and classifies your sleep cycle to give in-depth insights.

What comes in handy is its ability to be synced with the smartphone to use Email, WhatsApp, check notifications or reject calls. Keeping all these functions in mind, its 14-day battery life sounds rather amazing.

Overall, the Honor band 3 is 100% cost efffective for someone looking for great features with a long battery life.


Which fitness band is right for you depends on what you’re looking for. Exercise enthusiasts may prefer one with in-depth workout analysis while travellers may love something dust resistant with long battery life like the Sonata Rush Smartband.…

Benefits of Buying Badminton

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As we all know the practice makes a man good, therefore it’s really necessary for all of us who want to learn the advantages of playing badminton. All those who play badminton can feel a lot of movement and reflexes in their muscles, so reduction of your bowel fat is very beneficial if you play this game consistently and that too, with appropriate workouts. The use for enjoyable reasons often allows you to retain composure and consistently practices it, which eventually increases your skill and fitness level.

Much can be gained from playing a game. The advantages of any sport include physical fitness, psychological well-being, increased mobility and coordination.

Here are some benefits of buying badminton and enjoying the game play.

  • Helps cardiovascular and mental toning

The rotation of the badminton helps build up and strengthen the muscles including calves, back muscles, quads and hamstrings. This type of cardiovascular training helps to keep your body in good shape.

  • Enhances bone structure

Playing badminton allows the cells that shape bones to expand. In effect, this will help you reduce the likelihood of bone fractures. It also helps to develop a calcium matrix that improves the overall physical appearance.

  • Helps to stay fit and lose weight

It takes a lot of energy and is very difficult to play badminton because it utilizes every muscle in your body. You will consume approximately 480 calories, which are the most among all activities, if you practice for even an hour. This allows people who are overweight to burn fat which keeps their age and height healthy.

  • Increases focus and reflective action

The practice improves the player’s focus. When the game is played quickly, the speed increases and reflexes improve. Intelligence is also a consideration because in every shot players should be willing to confuse their adversaries.

  • Reduces diabetes risk

Regular practice helps to reduce the occurrence of diabetes. The use of badminton reduces blood glucose concentrations. This decreases the production of liver sugar, which prevents you from getting the disease.

  • Mentally flexible

In addition to physical rewards, Badminton’s mental effects are unique and fascinating. The small white cock may fool you with its friendly presence, but is running like a fast, quick and furious one. The player must focus on the fast-moving cock that increases concentration and psychological activity. At any given point one must be alert and cardinal is the activity of the brain. While deciding where you can go, how to move, how to break it, when to return it, whether you need to carry it back or forehand, everything must be kept in mind.

  • A Societies

Badminton is a two or four-member team and not just one single game. You win or lose, but you will always keep a good social relationship between the two leaders in good shape. Badminton has the bonus that it is an outdoor game that can be played with your family or friends for enjoyment when you get together. It brings people together and contributes to their friendship instead of struggling in the digital world.

  • Breathe Easy

Your lung capacity is improved by a daily badminton match. A badminton player’s lung capacity is higher than a normal person. Our Adrenal hormones affect the respiratory system indirectly. This indirect link is connected to your oblongata medulla, so that the lungs function faster and faster. The action that forces your lungs to breathe during your match, naturally boosts your lung capacity.

  • Badminton over other sports

Each activity has many benefits which are often absent. Here are pair of differences over the rest of other activities.

  • Lesser Players

You will find that every game requires 5 or more people on one team, if you are familiar with sports such as football or hockey. And most of the time, 10 people who have free schedules and who are prepared to come and play are hard to find.

  • Increasing popularity

In India Badminton, second only to cricket, is the fastest growing sport. Instances can be found throughout the world, especially in cities such as Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. There are competitions, in which you can compete, be it a novice, an intermediate, an experienced participant.

  • Less Expensive Sport

All you need to do for badminton is a racket, a shuttle, and a court. Professional racks and shuttles are pretty cheap, but in different sports stores throughout the country you are sure to find cheap shuttle shuts and rackets.

The Badminton Game, for very little cost you will play a badminton game at various Badminton Clubs and sports establishments.

  • Indoor Sport

It is difficult if not impossible to play Badminton outside because the shuttle will travel uncertainly even with a slight breeze. The activity is always performed indoors to keep the weather from hindering the game.

Yeah, you can even go to a badminton court and play a game or two when you’re rainy in your town. And an indoor activity is a great way to spend time in a country like India where the environment is consistent.

  • Conclusion

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If you are choosing a sport to play for any competition or for your health benefits, then I would recommend buying badminton and a shuttle. You wouldn’t find a sport with such flexibility and at minimum cost. Eventually, you feel good, powerful, empowered, excited and young. This leads to reducing distress, fear, fatigue, and self-esteem. It also allows you to sleep better in the afternoon and reduces the occurrence of pre-existing sleep disorder.

All sports have common advantages. You are more comfortable while playing and there’s a social element in need for an enemy or a friend that generates playfulness and a feel-good aspect later on. When the performance progresses, you want to play more and play better, as you start mixing extra training together with the game. Nonetheless, badminton has some unique plus points that make it different from other games.…